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Dedicated Team

3D Team Units

Our main strategy to achieve fast results is the well-structured working groups in our company. We call them ‘Team Units’ or ‘3D Teams’. They consist of 1 ads specialists, 1 social media manager and 1 graphic designer. Our company is a composition of many ‘3D Team Units’ that constantly collaborate and exchange experiences and ideas with one another.

Ads Specialist

Ads Specialists must have the ability to create and manage all these types of campaigns, and have deep knowledge of internet, social networks, Facebook Business, Google Ads and Google Analytics Platform.

Social Media

Social media managers are in charge of representing a brand, they manage all the aspects of social media profiles of a company, organization or a public figure.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are visual communicators who design or use professional graphic design techniques to deliver visual concepts with message to a target audience.

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